School Bored Four

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The School Bored Four is a barbershop quartet formed in 1987. We sang without a name until our first performance for a retiring school superintendent. Since our bass singer has a master's degree in education, our baritone singer’s wife is a school food service manager, our tenor’s wife is an elementary school counselor, and our lead singer drove by a school once, the name invented itself.

We hope the tuxedos indicate we are serious about singing well and singing musically, and the tennis shoes balance that seriousness with the intent to engage our audiences with humor and a good time. Through the years we have sung primarily in the Oklahoma City area with occasional trips to other parts of the state. From private gatherings needing a thirty-minute show to basketball arenas standing for the national anthem, from singing Valentines in Lowe’s Hardware to Jingle Bells in the shopping mall, from wedding services to radio commercials, the School Bored Four has entertained thousands and enjoyed every single minute.