2023 Singing Valentine Request


2023 Singing Valentines! Featuring Live, In-Person Delivery or Digital Delivery!

Vocal Sounds of Oklahoma In-Person Singing Valentines deliver laughter and tears of joy to your loved ones at an office, restaurant, or thoughtfully-chosen space of your choice. We also offer Digital Delivery Valentines anywhere in the world, offering the best of both options to convey your personalized message accompanied by 4-part a cappella harmony.

Digital Delivery will be sent to you via a private YouTube link that you can share with your sweetheart when the time is just right! Our quartet will greet your loved one by name, sing 2 songs conveying your love, and deliver a personal message of your choosing for only $25! You get all the credit! Our goal is to deliver your Singing Valentine to you via email by 2/13/2023.

Digital orders can only be taken until Saturday 2/11 at 3 pm.

The digital window is now closed, but in person valentines can still be purchased! 

For In-person Delivery, a quartet of talented Ambassadors of Love will surprise your loved one at a location of your choice, crooning 2 love songs while also delivering a card with your personalized message, and either a single live rose, chocolate roses, or seasonal assortment of chocolates (assigned randomly). They'll talk about your originality for years!

In-person Delivery orders can only be taken until Tues, 2/14 at 3 pm. Only $50.00! Tell a friend!

To order your Singing Valentine, please fill out at least the mandatory fields below (marked with an * asterisk), then click Submit. If you're purchasing more than 1 Singing Valentine now, please call (405) 848-SING (7464) instead of filling out this form.