Beginning January every year the Vocal Sounds of Oklahoma has a banquet to install new officers for the board of directors and award the Barbershopper of the year for the previous year. This year was special because we had so many new members that we decided to have a rookie of the year award that was voted on by all members for any new member of the previous 2 years. 


Greg Rogers reading in the 2024 Vocal Sounds of Oklahoma board of directors.



Hey, hey you! I'm just a website blog, but I'm willing to bet that you clicked on this link because you or a gentleman you know might be interested in joining an award winning chorus on stage. THATS RIGHT! Join an award winning chorus on stage. Join us between now, November 14th, through December 4th, and learn 4 easy audience sing-a-long songs, but get get to do it from STAGE! 

There's only one caveat, you have to join us for every rehearsal between now and December 4th (Tuesday's all of them) at our rehearsals. Oh, you want that information? Sure thing!

Join us at:

Vocal Sounds of Oklahoma is a men's chorus specializing in 4-part barbershop harmony, celebrating their 85th anniversary in 2023! On Sat, Mar 25th, VSO held auditions for new members in the Annex at the Cherokee Hills Church of Christ. The chorus advertised the opportunity using posters, Facebook, and their website, inviting men of all ages in the greater Oklahoma City metro area to try out. Several men responded, and many auditioned successfully! They are now on the path to membership, which includes rehearsals on Tuesday nights, learning the repertoire of songs, and final acceptance of their application. For more information, men interested in singing are encouraged to contact VSO at 405-848-SING!

The Vocal Sounds of Oklahoma Men's Chorus is once again offering Singing Valentines!!

We will be out on the city as ambassadors of love in song on February 14th! We will take orders up until 3:00pm Tuesday February 14th, so please share this with your friends, family, loved ones, and boss in case they want one for the WHOLE OFFICE!

This year you have a choice of in-person, and digital deliveries. 

Digital Delivery comes with two love songs performed by our quartets and a personalized message. You will retain the video, delivered via private-link. Click here for more info. 

The East Side Boys had a great time performing for Arts Moves at BOK Park Plaza on December 7, 2022. Art Moves is an Arts Council OKC program that provides free arts events each work day in various downtown venues. They sang Christmas songs, some doo wop, and paid homage to Pearl Harbor Day by singing the National Anthem, Follow The Flag, You're A Grand Old Flag and God Bless America.

This October 9th, 2022, the voices of Vocal Sounds of Oklahoma were raised in jubilation as they were awarded the Men's Chorus championship bowl from the Southwestern District of the Barbershop Harmony Society's 5-state annual convention and competition. Taking 28 men across the stage and presenting what could only be described as their most emotional performance yet, these men delivered emotional highs and lows as they sang their final farewell to that young cowpoke who just wanted land, lots of land under star filled sky above, yet fell to the great wild west and it's perils.