Vocal Sounds of Oklahoma wins Men's Category Championship at SWD Competition.


This October 9th, 2022, the voices of Vocal Sounds of Oklahoma were raised in jubilation as they were awarded the Men's Chorus championship bowl from the Southwestern District of the Barbershop Harmony Society's 5-state annual convention and competition. Taking 28 men across the stage and presenting what could only be described as their most emotional performance yet, these men delivered emotional highs and lows as they sang their final farewell to that young cowpoke who just wanted land, lots of land under star filled sky above, yet fell to the great wild west and it's perils. 

Lead by Mark Winn and Greg Rogers, the men of Vocal Sounds of Oklahoma rehearsed vigorously, having just finished their first public show since the onset of COVID-era troubles. FIlling their 260-seat auditorium twice with "How the West Was Sung" and now delivering this heartfelt and heart-tugging performance, Vocal Sounds of Oklahoma looks forward to their next great performance. Stick around, pour some coffee, and wait to see what these men come up with next!


Featured in Image. Mark Winn - Director, Greg Rogers - Director, The Beast - Vocal coach, Dawn Krones - Visual/Performance Coach