Sing with us for Christmas 2023


Hey, hey you! I'm just a website blog, but I'm willing to bet that you clicked on this link because you or a gentleman you know might be interested in joining an award winning chorus on stage. THATS RIGHT! Join an award winning chorus on stage. Join us between now, November 14th, through December 4th, and learn 4 easy audience sing-a-long songs, but get get to do it from STAGE! 

There's only one caveat, you have to join us for every rehearsal between now and December 4th (Tuesday's all of them) at our rehearsals. Oh, you want that information? Sure thing!

Join us at:

Cherokee Hills Church of Christ, located at 6724 NW 63rd between Rockwell Ave, and Council. We rehearse in the annex. 

If anyone asks, tell them Blog sent you! I'm serious. Blog. That's my name, and I sing praises in text to our chorus.